Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Sista Weekend

This past weekend, I flew to PA to visit all my siblings plus our only girl cousin on our dad's side. It was so fun!

Ryan said he really wanted to see Adam (so cute!) who didn't come on this trip with me (cue the pouting lip from the sweet boy)

Thankfully for me, I decided to get to the airport 3 hours early to avoid rush hour. My flight had actually been cancelled because of wind but they would let me get on a flight that was supposed to leave in 15 minutes because it hadn't started boarding. I rushed through security and to my gate and made it on the plane being the third to the last person on the flight. I made it safely to Pittsburgh and spent the night with the Marquiss. (the next day there were crazy winds in Chicago so I don't even know if the morning flight they had automatically put me on after my flight was cancelled would have flown).

Friday, Leighann, sweet baby Piper, and I had a relaxing morning getting the kids off to school and packing up the car. We then went downtown to get some tacos and gluten free biscotti. Yum! Friday was all about getting there. We knew we had plenty of time so we didn't mind making little stops, in fact we encouraged it.

We got to stay in a cabin that my sister's, Chrissy, friends own. It was beautiful. Unfortunately, I don't have a picture to prove that to you. It was so fun to get there and see all my sisters. The weekend was very relaxing.

Bonni- our only girl cousin on my dad's side. She is hilarious!

We each took care of one meal and just talked, made crafts, played games, took naps, ate. a. lot., and just enjoyed everyone's company.

We didn't have a short supply of bananas or eggs. Some would say we had too many.

Just want to remind you that we were only there for the weekend.

 There was only one baby there the whole time and then when my brother, John, and his wife, Jess, came they brought their sweet almost one year old Liam. He is adorable and has started walking since I saw him at Thanksgiving. It was weird not having all the nieces and nephews there but it was nice too.

sweet little piper who is almost 3 months old

this little guy is almost a year old. Seriously look at him.

I can't get enough of him

I'm so glad that Jess and John came up for a little. I miss them!

Love Jess, she is awesome!
just one more...

One of Amy's projects of the weekend was to fix her coat… This is Amy working on her project haha

We decided to bring small gifts for everyone to make it fun. Part of Leighann's gift was these cute bags. They were really handy when everyone started giving out their gifts.

We also decided to swap recipes since most of us have allergies and have gotten sick of what we make. I decided to make my gift, my recipe cards. (But I wasn't sure if I would get them done so I also bought these yummy allergy-free candy that comes in 4 different flavors. So good!)

Did I mention that we didn't have cell service or internet access? Well who needs that when everyone acted out their favorite you tube videos.

 Leighann acting out Bon Qui Qui

 Everyone watching haha

finishing out the weekend by being silly. Sorry Jess and Bonni, that we didn't take this picture while you were here!

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Katie Cottle said...

Love this post! When you say "everyone" acted out their fav videos you mean Leighann and Amy. Ha! One of my favorite moments of the trip!