Monday, October 7, 2013

Katie and Jack are here for the Fall

My sister, Katie, moved in with us 2 weeks ago and we've been having a blast so far. She is finishing up school and had to do 2 clinical type placements and decided to do one in Wisconsin. I'm sad to say (and maybe you guys will be reading this) but I blogged last week about our weekend and it never saved or posted so... get read for a picture dump.

It was nice last weekend so we went to the lake. Jack loved it.

We went to the farmer's market each weekend to grab the veggies for our meals each week. Which reminds me.
We've been cooking. ALOT. The Mormons maybe have one thing right. Multiple women in the house to help cook and clean (other than that, they have a lot wrong.). It's awesome! We take turns picking out recipes, grocery shopping, and cooking. It's really fun! And I think Adam loves it since I all but gave up cooking went I went gluten free a couple months ago.

 We went to an orchard and got pears.

and apples

 looked cute
 became children of the corn

and got baby pumpkins.
It was fun!

 We went to large flea markets, got bargains, and saw really pretty furniture.

Nothing to do with Katie but I started my new job and they had my sign up the first day. Awesome.

 We went to Dave and Buster's and played Fruit Ninja
 and air hockey. So fun. And I crushed everyone at basketball. The second place winner had 26 pts while I had 40 pts. Thank you Buck and Chrissy for being my basketball coaches in high school so I could go on to win at Dave and Buster's haha
 Jack and Adam became friends.
 We went to a fall festival with owls
 apple butter & cider
 bluegrass music
 nature walks that take you off the beaten path
 mushrooms the size of your head

Pretty views!


Lauren Combs said...

Deej you're so pretty it's sick. You guys look so happy!

Abby said...

Love this post! You are so cute! I am glad you all are having so much fun!