Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Day 6 of our Michigan Vacay

Wednesday was actually the worst day of our vacation. It was dreary and we had this weird fight with our friends via text/email about fantasy football that left us in a funk. It started off dumb and got personal real fast. Note to self: never engage personal conversations via texts/emails. Tone/message is easily misunderstood and weird fights will ensue. Also we hadn't made reservations so this was the one day that got us... Our next stop was Mackinac Island geographically but the bed and breakfast we wanted (it was significantly cheaper and just as cute) wasn't available Wednesday night so we had to do our trip out of order which added some miles.... We drove through Charlevoix and  Petosky, which are cute little lake towns. We walked around and bought some sauces and jams (yummy!). Then we saw the Mackinaw Bridge which separates lower Michigan from the Upper Peninsula. You have to pay to get across the 5 mile bridge so you need to plan your trip accordingly so you don't have to cross the bridge twice.

Look at the difference what the sun makes on the water.

 The bridge is also known as the dividing line of Lake Huron and Lake Michigan.

From the bridge, we drove about an hour to see the locks on Lake Superior between USA and Canada.

Here is a ship going through the locks. There is a 21 foot difference between Lake Superior and the other great lakes so the locks are not only necessary for that but also necessary because there are a ton of rapids in this area so this way the ships can make it safely through.
 Here it is at the end.
 From there, we went right into Canada. Both towns on the borders are sad. They are not places you drive 50 miles out of your way to see. We were in Canada long enough to see the curling club and then got back to home sweet home.


Leighann said...

Totally catching up today on all your them all. I'm a little jealous of your kid-free vacation and all the fun you're having with Katie, but not enough to be mad at you! That flea market looks amazing. Gives me an itch to go junking.

See you in a couple weeks!

Anonymous said...

Can u believe it?

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Click it and don't think