Friday, October 4, 2013

Day 4 of our Michigan Vacay

Wow, did I say a week ago that I had so much to blog about for my 3 faithful readers? This week has been crazy... who knew that being semi unemployed/semi-part time/ semi- freelancer/ all time sister/ all time wife could be so busy!

I feel so blessed because God has provided me with a lot of work to do this week. I have made the same amount I made at Kohl's in one week but in less time and it was way more enjoyable. I don't know how long this schedule will last but for now, I am thankful!

Okay back to talking about our vacation because I took so many pictures and we had so much fun that I want to properly document it.

So we left Silver Lake in the morning and started heading towards Traverse City. Our first stop, was a little north of Ludington to see the Big Sable lighthouse. (The little sable lighthouse is built from the same blueprint and is the lighthouse in Silver Lake). People in Michigan must be active because a lot of things we stopped at, we had to walk 2 miles away to get to it. This took a long time but was really fun too.

I think the if the fish could talk he was say, "beware, ye travelers. Don't forget ye have still have to walk back to yor car too."

 The view from the top is pretty similar to the view from the Little Sable

We learned that Sable means sand in French and that the little and big refers to the sand and not the lighthouse it's self. The Big Sable has a huge sand reef that it is warning ships about.

 It's alway tricky to get people to take pictures for you on vacation but thankful when you find someone nice enough to try and help you out.

We then walked back to the car and went into town to get some ice cream. We were going to head to our next stop but walking to and fro' from the lighthouse took a lot longer than we thought and I had to be somewhere with service for a phone interview (for the job at Wheaton which I started last week!) Needless to say, that interview went well.

We drove through Manistee, which was a cute lake town, and got some yummy looking jams (We haven't opened it yet). Michigan is all about their local products. It's kind of fun.

Then off to Arcadia Bluffs. Adam and his dad have been going on a golf trip every summer for the past few years and they always end up here. I can see why. You can't tell from this picture but the lake is just over those hills and it's beautiful! I kind of wish he would have played a round so I could have walked around on the course with him and seen it in all it's glory. It looked like what I imagined Ireland to look like.

We putted for a little but I was terrible. It was still really fun.

We then did something that was an adventure but I'm not so sure we are at the age where it is acceptable anymore. We had called a church within our same denomination and asked if we could camp in the church grass in order to save money on camping site fees. They said sure. We showed up to set our tent up in the light and the Pastors (a husband and wife are co-pastors) met us and said it was going to rain that night so we had a couple options. We could camp out under the pavilion, sleep in the church, or we could sleep in their guest bedroom. Since they offered it and we didn't really want to sleep in the rain, we slept in their guest bedroom.... for two nights... That's the part where I feel like maybe we are too cheap that we so willing to save money that we stayed with absolute strangers. But they seemed happy to host and we got them a little gift of appreciation. It all worked out in the end.

After we decided we would stay with the pastors (whose last name was also Ward), we headed out to BWW's to catch the Redskins game. We had fun even though the skins played horribly.

Happy Weekend! I have no idea what we are up to tonight but hopefully something fun.

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Lauren Combs said...

I love your blogs deej! Your new job sounds awesome and flexible. Also, you and adam are cute. xo