Wednesday, October 16, 2013


On Monday, we decided to not only be practical but also adventurous. Us gluten free-ers decided to use up the rest of our zucchini from another recipe and make crust from it. It was actually a very time consuming process that took us. The recipe said to grate and then chop the zucchini .. we just threw that bad boy in the food processor- then you had to microwave it, squeeze out all the water (which was a surprising amount) until your zucchini mush was half the original size. Then you mix with it a couple more things and flatten it out to be your crust. Then you bake for 10 minutes before you can finally put on your toppings and bake it for another 5-10 minutes before you can it. After all that work, we wondered why we hadn’t just made gluten free crust from all the different GF flours we have haha It was fun (I mean I say that but Katie did most of the work while I made Adam’s full of gluten crust)

 our super sad and small crusts that took forever ;(

 Adams awesome huge crust (Sorry, babe for the horrible picture.)

Speaking of Adam, you guys know (and if you don’t, just a read a couple sentences and you will) he is working full-time AND in grad school part-time. He is one busy dude. On top of his 40 hour work week, one class a week plus homework, he is also having to work on his thesis project in his spare time. The poor guy is running around like a crazy person. Well, yesterday he gets a call from the police saying that his car got broken in to. On top of everything else... geez, oh petes. What did the guy take you ask? An old wallet with an expired triple A card in it. This would be kind of funny that the guy got caught and he really didn’t get anything except that he totally demolished his passenger car window... Glass for days.... And we have to pay for it since we haven’t met our deductible. #mad The police believe he broke into our car because Adam had his sweatshirt laying there and the culprit thought it was hiding something. Well, it wasn’t so take it as a lesson... don’t leave clothes in your car that make it look like they are covering something. (If you think of it, pray for Adam in the next month and half.... Between job things and school things, he has a lot on his plate. He graduates in December so he has a lot to get done till then)

I’m hoping to pull off the boldest surprise gift I’ve ever done in the next couple days so I’ll be busy but keep an eye out for the result.

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