Thursday, August 8, 2013

Summer so far

So my sister, Katie, congratulated me on my one month anniversary of not blogging which convinced me that I should probably get back on the blogging train. Thanks for the push, Katie.

Adam and I have been so busy this summer with all our travels and visitors. It's been so much fun!

So here commences the photo dump of our full summer so far.

We went and saw fireworks for the fourth of July on a very foggy night.

This is what our view turned into so we left and got home before all the traffic.

Had Adam's family up for the weekend. His parents even stayed the night and went to church with us the next day. Adam's dad and our pastor did a pastor swap. We got to hear Doug preach and his dad's church got to hear Earl speak for the day. It was really fun.

Adam's grandpa, Wally

 Adam's mom, Michelle, and grandma, Jeanie

We've watched a lot of people work out.  Okay not really but we've been pretty busy so working out has taken the backseat for now. I'm hoping to start that up again

We've tried a lot of new restaurants and had fun exploring our city.

 I went Gluten Free because of stomach/head issues and on a whole am feeling a lot better. I have to stick with it for a while before I can reintroduce gluten to see if that's the problem. So for now, I'm just eating a lot of fresh items like veggies and fruit.

We have loved living near the farmer's market. With harvest season in full swing, it's been fun to get fruit and vegetables from local farmers. We've even gotten eggs and meat too.

Had Leighann, Henry, and kids up for one weekend... more about that on another blog post. Way too many cute pictures to just skim by that.

Took off work on my birthday and hung out at this lakefront beach. So fun.

 and found a gluten free bakery so I could indulge in some yummy cookies!

Hung out at a bar that has really large version of games and normal size too. Had fun with the huge set of cornhole.

 and Jenga

And that's just a snippet of our last month and half. Hope to keep blogging. Sorry about the wait.

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