Friday, August 16, 2013

My Brother

his high school graduation in 2009

My wedding this past December (photo by Christy Tyler)

My sweet brother turns double deuce today. I can't believe it. As the babies of the family, we've been close all our lives. I mean close might be a stretch when we were young but we were at least close in proximity. My dad tells me I used to climb into his crib in the morning and help him get out when I thought it was time for him to get up. And there are home videos of us singing and playing together that are oh so cute and show our personalities even then. Him, the life of the party and the teaser, and me the sweet one who doesn't always take jokes well. We inevitably went through the fighting stage as we got into elementary and middle school. No one wanted to be around us. I had this plastic tweety bird watch and one time I broke it on his head when I was mad. We fought so hard another time in high school that we began to wrestle and the couch ended up falling on my toenail. My toenail got bruised and eventually fell off. I was so mad.

But then I went away to college and a magical thing happen. My brother began to miss me and I began to miss him. We both started to grow up and change. We became friends. We actually wanted to hang out. We would laugh about stupid things we did when we were young and talk about our future goals.

John, I'm so proud of you. You are a hard working husband for your beautiful, loving wife and a great father to your adorable son. I wish you the best. I also wish that I could see you for your birthday but we live so far away. Boo!  Anyways, I love and miss you. Happy Birthday!!!

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Anonymous said...

I remember the tweety bird with incident- we were all shocked that sweet little Dottie would do such a thing... Not as shocked that John could provoke someone to that point :) such a sweet post today. Love u both. Happy birthday John!