Thursday, August 29, 2013

Date Night

Last week, we decided to go on an impromptu date night... We have done plenty together this summer but have not been intentional on going on dates or doing stuff together vs doing things with groups of people. So we headed to the lake to enjoy the weather and take some pictures. I am really trying to get back into photography. I used to really love to take pictures and I just really haven't touched my camera much since I went to college... So we were experimenting with my camera and just goofed off. It was really fun. 

Look at his cute outfit! I have been trying to get him to wear stuff like this since we started dating. He looks so good ;)

We found this bench that is similar to a xylophone. It was fun ;) 

Then we got dessert at this fancy place in Milwaukee. We are not fancy people. If you were at our wedding, you ate our soups and sandwiches and hopefully enjoyed our casual wedding. But that's us. We love food but we like it simple. All that to say, we went to a fun, fancy restaurant and we were in and out in 25 minutes... oops. The dessert came out fast and we (me really) chowed down on it... We didn't really linger and it was kind of cold inside and oh so nice outside hence why we had the eat and run experience. It was fun and different than what we usually do so that was nice at least. 

Then we watch some lawn bowling and got invited for lessons last night (more on that later). It's actually more like curling or bocce ball than bowling. You roll a little white ball and then try to get your teams balls closest to it. Scoring is the same as curling and the balls you roll are lopsided so they curl ;) So many similarities. It was really fun to play last night. It's been on our bucket list of things to try in Milwaukee since we moved here so we were excited to cross it off .

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