Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Dells

So much catching up to do!

It has been a couple weeks (maybe even a month) since we went to the Dells and I didn't even mention it. The Dells is a tourist trap in Wisconsin full of water parks, mini golf, touristy shops, etc but we decided to go.  It's only an hour and half away and on the way there, we even considered going the extra few hours to be really spontaneous and end up in Minneapolis but decided that will have to be our next weekend trip. Anyways back to the Dells, we had never been and wanted to have our fill of mini golf. We had two different options of courses, each having 4-5 different 18 hole courses. So much mini golf!

 There has been a long standing agreement between Adam and I that if I ever win, he'll buy me a puppy. I've come close but have been yet to win ;(  I was winning on the first course but then we told people what they were doing so they were cheering and I got nervous and that seemed to egg Adam on. So he decidingly won.

 We played 50ish holes because we didn't quite finish the last course. There were too many groups of 7 that were holding everyone up. We literally were the fourth group of people waiting for each hole.

 Each course had fun facts about pirates since the whole mini golf place was pirate themed, so we had some fun.

 Adam doing some warm up shots.

After some golf and a little bit of a sunburn, we were in need of some nourishment. We stopped at this restaurant that is based off the same brewery in Milwaukee. They had a whole separate menu for us gluten free ones and it was awesome. Pages of stuff vs a few items. I'm so excited they will be opening up a location in Milwaukee in the fall. (Katie, we can go together when you come!)

Then we headed to a state park where Devil's Lake is. Right before we got in to the park, we saw an abandoned mini golf course... so we might have played a few holes there before seeing the beautiful lake!

 We took a quick hike up the hillside (it was a steep incline, my legs were killing me for days) but it was so beautiful!

On the way home, we took a car ferry. It was so cool. It lasted for only a couple minutes but it was fun. I had never done something like that.

We were tired but it was a really fun day trip.

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