Thursday, March 21, 2013

7 quick lists

1. I realized the other day that I have a hidden prejudice against March. Every birthday that has come across my calendar, I have thought, "Oh I thought their birthday was in February or April." I guess subconsciously I refuse to believe anyone was born in March which a weird thing to think in the first place.

2. I have been very absent-minded lately.
 For example: 
 a. I missed my exit to work because I zoned out and just forgot to get over. I didn't realize until after I was passed my exit.
 b. I sent a package to my two nieces that do in fact have birthdays in March ( I did remember those) but after taping up the package, I found the card. (and you may notice, I forgot how to spell Autumn?)

c. Maybe the worst of the examples and maybe a little TMI but I got to church and realized I didn't have a bra on????? I am a girl- that's a numero uno of clothing items. Something I shouldn't have to think about. I have no idea how that happened.

3. Adam and I got to check in on this little cutie this past weekend for a friend of ours who was out of town. It was really fun ;) She was very playful and happy that we came over.

4. I've been doing little design projects lately for various people. Here is what I have been working on.

Early stages of a church logo (the idea is that the people of the church lead people to the cross-- hence the compass with the cross being central):

 a Fantasy Football logo (the guy's last name is giuffre (sounds like joe-free) so he took the golden gopher's name and logo and had me tweak it so he could be the golden giuffers (joe-fers)

My blog obviously.

and the Provost Report for IWU (where I used to work)- This was a report that had a lot of information but was still desired to look academic. I tried to make it clean, professional but still have a little fun factor.

Every since, I saw sites like Katie Daisy, I've been vibing on hand lettering-- fun types of handwriting. I want to get better but it's fun so far.

5. Yesterday was the first day of spring but up here in the North, Winter is clinging on for dear life. Remember back when, I told winter to bring it on? That was in soft oh so mild January. Well, I lied winter. I don't want you to bring it on. February brought snow showers and March is bringing on the low temperature. We're in the teens for the foreseeable future with wind chills dipping into the negatives. boo! I want Spring right about now. I'm not complaining... I just want to see things growing. Spring is my favorite part of the year and I could see that being mushed together with summer. Oh well!

6. Adam and I have been going for the newlywed nine (yes, it's a real thing but no, we're not doing it on purpose) so I pulled the trigger and order turbofire. It's expensive but this is a 20 wk workout schedule with 12 different workouts to spice it up. I have never felt so in shape. I did it last year with my roommate and loved it. They are hard workouts and you often feel stupid doing the moves but it's good. You're working hard and aren't bored sitting on a stationary bike, elliptical, or running on the treadmill (this is all our little apt workout room has and I am bored to death when I "workout"). It's supposed to come in soon and I am pumped!

7. Speaking of something coming in soon, our couch is being delivered in a few short weeks! Now we can have people sit on real things vs. soccer mom chairs. We're so excited, we're going to have a couch warming party hehe

Happy Thursday. Hope it's Spring where you live.


Leighann said...

I like the church logo! Really neat. And hello? You forgot foundation wear? Where was your head. I laughed out loud when I read that. Have a great time at your couch warming party! And show us pictures!

Just Liz. said...

I loled when I read you forgot to put a bra on. Also, love the logo and lol @ newlywed 9...I'm still working on getting rid of mine ;) <3