Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Wrist Management

(the way you would think Adam and I's wrists would look based on our complaints)

I've been having some wrist pain and elbow numbness the last few weeks so I might have to cut back my computer usage, which is unfortunate because it's my job..... I've been using Adam's wrist splint and wrist rest (made that up-- but the mouse pad thing that goes near your computer mouse that has a raised part to it? never mind too confusing to explain.) I hope it helps because if not, there is no hope for our kids' wrists. Both of Adam's wrists have given him trouble. He had surgery two years ago for his left wrist and just went to the doctor for his right on on Monday. I hope we can get it figured out because you don't realize how much wrist strength plays into so many activities (cooking, cleaning, working, playing sports, typing on the computer... okay I'm done, you get it.) Anyways, we're fine and we're not complaining... just wondering what in the world two twenty-something year olds are doing with wrist trouble. Any prayers you want to say for us, we'd love. 

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