Monday, March 4, 2013

Our Weekend

Adam's parents came in on Saturday and we had a blast. When they first got to our apartment, it felt a little like show and tell. We were running around from room to room showing them anything and everything. We showed them our collage, Adam's paintings, my dresser, and anything else we were proud of. Then we went Antique-ing in a local neighborhood and "got lost" in a 3 floor, 37,000 sq foot antiques store. It was awesome.

hehe also a fun sign for me ;) (get it?)

Then the boys went to the golf show and the girls looked at wedding photos and talked. It was very chill and fun. Then we went out to dinner at a local German place. It was pretty good. It was our first dinner with his parent's as a married couple and we were having good conversation so Adam kept saying it was just 4 adults having dinner. It was funny and true. We feel a little more like adults now that we're married and a little more settled.

Adam's maternal grandpa is 100% German, which is weird because his last name is Gardziella. But he grew up speaking German and Adam called his great-grandparents Opa and Omi. It was fun to hear stories from Adam's mom about her grandma and the dishes she used to make. We all got different dishes and split them which was a lot of fun. I also got to hear about Michelle and Doug's first date. They went to a 3D showing of "The Creature of the Black Lagoon" and then talked in a park for multiple hours. I teased about the "talking" for that many hours and that's when his dad confessed that Michelle had made comment about boys assuming they're going to get a kiss on the first date and that he had in fact received not one but multiple kisses on the first date. After 25 years, he was still proud of that fact. I was laughing so hard.

 We ate some dessert after dinner (They had brought us chocolate cake from the same place we got it for our wedding. So yummy!) and then the rents had to head back to the big city. It was so fun to spend the day with them.

Yesterday we had small group after church and our small group leader, Kendra, had a birthday. Look at how big that cake was!!! It was crazy!

Lucky for me, I got to split it with some one else because it was just a lot of cake haha

Oh yeah, I sold my dress on Saturday to a sweet girl who is going to Moody Bible Institute and her and her fiance want to be missionaries. It was so fun and such a blessing to help someone out like that and to get some cash and space back in our apartment. She also bought most of my wedding stuff. So fun! So happy to have our den back. 


Anonymous said...

Congrats on selling the dress and wedding gear!

Leighann said...

What a fun weekend! Henry's grandmother was German too. Both her parents migrated (separately) in the 1920s then met in Baltimore.... fun facts.
That is the biggest birthday cake I've ever seen.
And, hello? sold your dress and most your wedding stuff. Yeah!! Here comes the den!

Dottie Ward said...

Thanks! I'm pumped!!