Thursday, March 14, 2013

Guest Blogger

You guys always hear my rants and raves so I thought you'd like to hear from someone else. Without  further adieu, I give you:

I would like to thank the powers at be running this blog for the wonderful opportunity to say hello to all of you readers in the blogosphere. I have never actually blogged before so I am honored to be selected for such a prestigious readership. To all of you who do not know, I am married to the everyday writer, Dottie. 

Life is going pretty well up here in Milwaukee...I would be lying if I told you that I wasn't over winter, but all in all I cannot complain. We are still supposed to get some snow here in the near future, and considering a year ago this week I was playing golf in Kentucky with my buddy Joe from Marquette, that makes me a lil' sad. 

I have been keeping busy with the end of curling season, class at Marquette, and painting. I am a part of a men's curling league on Monday nights, which gives Dottie some time away from me. Our team is still in the hunt for a championship. Cannot complain about that. On Thursday night, Dottie has been doing great at learning curling! It is going to awesome to watch the winter olympics in Sochi, Russia...CNBC/MSNBC always shows curling all day!

I know Dottie has uploaded a few of my paintings over the past few months, but I have the honor of bringing you the world premiere of my new creation. You will notice that my Chicago theme has continued to carry over into my work (for those of who don't know me very well, I am not a serious painter. I just come up with fun ideas and hope it works within my limited skill set). I painted my own version of the Chicago El system that overlays a version of my neighborhood map. Hope you guys like it!

My next quest will most likely be a matching version of my Chicago skyline painting, but I will move about 90 miles north to Milwaukee. 

I am getting very excited for March Madness! The Big East tournament has started, and if you are thinking about it today...Go Marquette! The NCAA tournament is the best 3 weeks of the sports year. It is always awesome, and I cannot wait for it to get going.

I am probably going to keep this pretty short as we are watching Kate Beckinsale in Underworld right now. Nothing better than a Scy-Fi midweek flick. I will try not to be a stranger on this blog, and I will try to have a more exciting blog post in the future! Have a great day!


Leighann said...

Hey there, Wardo. Nice to read ya! Love, love, love the El painting. When I first saw it I thought of the DC metro system (so you're on the right track... get it, track. hahahahaha!) but knew it couldn't be Dc and must be Chicago. Love that your neighborhood is below it.
We, too, are looking forward to March Madness in our household. Big event around here. And now that I know how to curl (eh-hem) I'll check out the 24 hour coverage of curling on MSNBC.
Have a great weekend! Tell the wife we say hello.

Anonymous said...

You are hilarious. And, we are a prestigious readership (so don’t you forget it). Your painting is awesome. I am not looking forward to march madness, i’m not not looking forward to it either- truth be told, I totally forgot about it until I saw an ad for it on tv tonight. Jack misses you and Dottie. My Spring Break started about 6 hours ago. Sorry about all your snow, but totally jealous too because we’ve had all of 3 inches this year. seriously, baltimore is in a ‘snow drought’. take care of dottie. miss you both - Katie