Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Friends Weekend

Last week, I got glutened… I started to get my symptoms back but they were really mild. I started checking everything I was eating and couldn't figure out the culprit until I saw my vitamins.

boo! I hate when I assume something is safe to eat and just totally forget to look. Oh well! At least I caught it now.

Chris, my old coworker, and his wife Ellen hanging out with Southpaw

We went to a White Sox game on Friday with an old coworker and his wife. It was really nice night and really fun time. Also the White Sox score a lot more than I remember the Cubs ever doing haha I love the cubbies but I will admit the Sox game was little more exciting. It was also funny to compare the Cubs crowd vs the Sox crowd since we had just been to a Cubbies game. The crowds are very different but still fun.

On Saturday, we headed down to Marion, Indiana (where I used to live) to visit friends and go to gender reveal party for Abby and Aaron. It was so good to see everyone. (silly me, didn't take a single photo ;/) but I got to see so many people that I love.

The Stray Dog. We went here back in September during our Vacation

It was a short visit as we headed back on Sunday but I'm glad we went. We stopped at our favorite Michigan restaurant (a stop a little out of the way) to finish watching the Master's and get my favorite nachos. Yummy!  A fun trip out of the way ;)

Happy Wednesday! 

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