Friday, April 11, 2014

Week Recap

I accidentally took a vacation from my blog this week. Whoops. Sorry to my 17 faithful readers. Here's a quick recap of this week.

We helped some of Adam's bachelor friends move in together over last weekend. 

Example A of this being a bachelor pad: They only have 4 spices, well 2 really. 2 cinnamons and 2 paprikas. (I later found 2 salts and 2 peppers keeping it with the theme)

Example B: After we moved stuff, the boys started to play P-I-G. They had to get really creative with their shots, hence the one under the desk and the one under the blanket. It was hilarious.

Example C: Later they played 2-on-2 INSIDE. This was also a big lol and really fun to watch

I feel bad for the neighbors below. Yikes.

Another thing I did this week, is go to the DMV. Lucky for me, I showed up to the busiest and largest DMV in Illinois during everyone's lunch. haha This is actually just half of the building that didn't have an empty seat anywhere. It was kind of funny. I knew once I got there that I wouldn't be able to make it through but decided to wait and make sure I had all my paperwork right so that when I did come back, we'd be good to go. I'm glad I did wait, because I was in fact in the wrong building. Haha I walked into the next building which was probably a fourth of the size and had 5 people in line. It was a twilight zone type of moment. Lucky for me, I got our car registered and made it back to work before our team meeting. boom!

We went to a Cubs vs Pirates game on Wednesday. It was a little chilly but it was really fun. We sat in the bleachers with the rowdier crowd, which went crazy when there was back to back cubbie homers. It was so fun!

We also texted Ryan (via his mom of course) to tell him we were watching his favorite team. He  (leighann) sent his reaction back. He is so cute!

Can you see the wind blowing my bangs back? haha lucky for us, it was a warmer day so it wasn't too bad despite the wind.

We're hitting up a Sox game tonight with some friends and then heading to Indiana for Saturday and Sunday to visit some friends. Hope to be back to blogging next week.

Happy Weekend!

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Katie Cottle said...

You're funny Dottie! I miss you!