Sunday, September 8, 2013

Silver Lake, Michigan {vacay weekend 1}

We unexpectedly had internet this weekend so I thought I would update for at least the last few days. We'll be camping a lot this week so I'm not sure how much we'll have access to anything.

Adam was working in Chicago on Friday so I got to hang out in the big city. Went shopping, met a friend for lunch and worked on some freelance in a coffee shop. It was a beautiful day.

The swanky hotel that Adam's company put us up in had the best bathroom lighting... ever... I want it everywhere in my life. #unashamedselfie

I got to stop at my favorite places to get macaroons. {Leighann, they weren't as a good as last time but I still managed to eat 2 before I could get a picture. So still pretty good.}

We stopped at the cutest restaurant ever called The Stray Dog. It just confirms that I need a dog in my life {good thing Jack and Katie are coming in just 10 days!}

 This was our home for the weekend. {Adam's Uncle and Aunt's Lake Cottage}

Remind anyone of Chevy Chase in Vacation? 
On Saturday, we played on the dunes.  When you are out there, it feels like you are in the desert. 

 We jumped in Lake Michigan even though the water was very freezing. We decided we have to do that for the other lakes we visit on this trip. Lake Michigan is going to seem quite balmy compared to Lake Superior.
 We had invited some friends to come on our trip but the timing didn't quite work out. Until next time!

We, of course, went mini golfing. I'm still trying to win a puppy.

On Sunday, we played on a different beach in between watching football {adam} and laying out {me}.

What a cutie.

Visited the Little Sable Point Lighthouse just like we did when we were here back in May.

Saw the lighthouse at sunset.

and made a dog friend. Seriously, I think Adam threw a stick to this dog for at least 30 minutes.

This weekend was so relaxing but I'm ready to see new things.

I have a phone interview for a part time graphic design position at Wheaton College today. Pray for me if you think of it. We'll see what happens.

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