Friday, April 25, 2014

Furniture Projects

Sorry, we've been so quiet on the blog this week. We've been up to our ears in projects while we have the time. We have this weekend before our apt becomes Hotel de Ward for the summer and we really want it to be ready for all the loved ones we'll see this summer ;)

Turning this trunk into a bookcase. Can't wait to get it done and show you guys ;)

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Leighann said...

ohmygoodness… just got all caught up:
1) can't wait to see the bookshelf/trunk. so excited about this project.

2) gluten in vitamins. wtheck? why do we need gluten in our vitamins ?

3) the bach pad looks like a fun place…. except for the neighbors. I hear ya on that one… pun intended!

4) Easter looks fun and quiet. 'nuf said.

5) crafts with cat hair. i just threw up in my mouth

6) baseball! boo-yah. can't get enough over here!

love ya!