Monday, March 3, 2014

You say Goodbye, We say Hello

On Thursday we said goodbye to Milwaukee. I'm not going to lie, as excited as we are to move to the city, I was sad to leave Milwaukee. It was our first city/apartment together and it was such fun place to have our first year of marriage. So easy to get around and so many fun things to do. We truly enjoyed the city and the new friends we made. At least it is close so we can say hey to our friends still there.

Our apartment before we packed anything away. Also that is a painting that Adam just did for me and he wanted it to make the picture.

I had to rip up all my fun shelf liner in the kitchen… I'm looking to get some more for our new place

So much packing the last couple weeks. By the end I was just throwing whatever I could in a box to get it to Chicago haha

I had never seen our apartment when it was empty so it was weird to see it without all our fun stuff in it.

Friday, we watched Pops ref one of his last games of the season, which happened to have Adam's old high school freshman team playing in the game. They looked like a bunch of babies, which had us scratching our heads as to when we were freshman. It's been TEN YEARS. What? I feel old and never want to talk about it again haha

After the game, we went to eat with Adam's parents and grandparents and taught them about selflies. 

On Saturday, we moved into our new apartment (new pics when we unpack everything. It's a obstacle course in there right now). It feels so surreal that we live IN Chicago. We went to visit some friends last night and were able to just take the L a couple stops south and be at their place very easily. It was so fun.

The rents walking around with us in the snow storm

us on our way to our friends apt

Adam thinks I look crazy when my coat is like this but I can't help it. It's so warm this way.

We also have been walking a lot to various places around us which has been really fun. We both like to walk and be out and about. I think we are going to like this new adventure.


Katie Cottle said...

So happy for you that you're in your new place! Tell Adam to hush about that coat- it does look really warm!! :) oh and love the selfies too!

Leighann said...

i am so excited for you! we can all live vicariously through you now. whoot whoot.