Monday, March 31, 2014

Weekend of Rest

We had fun-filled, basketball watching, crossing things off our list, hanging out kind of weekend.  We invited Adam's family to come over on Saturday, which kicked our butts into gear to clean up our place a little. It looks so much better! We hung up more stuff on the wall (who knew that was even possible if you've already seen our collage) and cleaned up a bit so it's really starting to feel like our place. Our kitchen is done, put away, and looking good . (I went to take a picture for you guys and realized it was put away and looking good but then I made dinner and these delightful muffins and it's a mess again. Oops!)

We showed Adam's family around our neighborhood and went back to Eataly (the Italian marketplace full of small boutique restaurants) because Adam's family is Italian. I really think they liked it ;)

 Adam's mom trying on a bomber hat 

 I had a successful day, eh? 

Let me just tell you, those fish were heavy and the guys who really caught them had been there for 8 hours! They had a great view though!

When the fisherman pulled out the fish, grandpa came running to see them. It was cute.

After we showed them the neighborhood and went downtown, we came back and had a quiet dinner at a local place with really good gluten free (and regular) pizza. It was yummy and such a nice way to end the day. Thankful for family close by, my family far away and a nice, relaxing weekend.

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