Tuesday, March 18, 2014


These last month has been kind of crazy as we quit old jobs, moved to the city, and started new jobs. I was pretty overwhelmed the first week as I had to leave my part time job at Wheaton and our apartment looked like a war zone. I was sad to leave my job because I loved it and the people there but they couldn't make me full time and it wasn't worth it to have us both commuting 45 min-1 hr  for a part time job. I'm now doing the same thing at a different college, 2 miles form our apartment. It's really convenient.

Now that we're here and our apartment is unpacked, I'm feeling a lot better and we are loving the city.  Our commutes are pretty easy and we've been having fun doing different things around the city.

For now, I'll leave you with a photo dump from our past few weeks.

My last day at Wheaton also happened to be the day that I had signed up for months ago to provide snacks for our department. My friend, Kim and I made it a March Madness/ Spring theme.

I always see fun ideas on pinterest and can never carry quite carry them out lol Oh well, they were supposed to be ham and cheese basketball crackers. I was also going to try and make basketball cake balls as well but I decided that was a little bit too ambitious.

My friend, Kim ;) I miss her already

These little beauties were the only slippers I could find to keep my feet on our beautiful yet cold hardwood floors. Ironically enough I thought I had put them in the goodwill pile before we moved yet when we got here they were the one ones I could find haha

loving my new pitcher now turned vase

our living room is starting to come together

 I'm loving our new bathmat and shower curtain

 We had a friends weekend this past weekend. We went to Dave and Busters and split the points so we could all play different games. The boys were "sharing" the last of our points to play a game. It was hilarious.
 On Sunday, we celebrated one of our friend's, Matt, birthday. It was so fun to now live close enough to see our friends 2 days in a row. Hoping for more weekends like this.

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