Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Friends come to visit

We had some friends come and visit us for the long weekend. It was so much fun ;) Some of this pictures are going to look like other visits from friends but that's only because I didn't take any photos of the other stuff haha

Travis was Adam's roommate for 4 years and his best man in our wedding. Him and his girlfriend came up from Kentucky on Friday Night and stayed through Monday. This weekend was also the 110th anniversary of beginning of Harley Davidson so there were a lot of bikers in town.

 On Saturday, we headed to one of our favorite parks in the city where we saw a lighthouse and played the par 3 course. It was a really nice day.

 Travis made a Lion friend

 I was the photographer because I'm trying to rest my wrists and golfing doesn't exactly provide that needed rest. Ally is a really good golfer. She could have played in college but decided to play Softball at Louisville. She's a pretty athletic girl.

 roomie tradition of celebration

After golfing, we tried to go to Lake Michigan but it was green again... not sure why this always happens when guests come ;( so we were heading somewhere else when we saw the cutest Lemonade stand and Adam always stops at lemonade stands so we stopped and had some really good lemonade.  Right as we were leaving the stand, 16 bikers stopped for lemonade. I'm not even sure the kids had that much.

 Next we headed to one of our favorite neighborhoods in the city, Bayview, to see if the lake wasn't as green.... It still was but they have a nice park where we could play catch and football so we hung out for a bit.

 The D1 softball player getting some "help"

 We saw a photo opportunity with a cool anchor so we took it.

We went to the Brewers game that night and since they were still giving out $10 food vouchers (because of Ryan Braun's use of steroids), we got $8 tickets with $10 vouchers. Not a bad deal. There weren't a lot of people at the game because of the Harley Davidson events and a huge wrestling/fight being held in Milwaukee, so we got to change our seats every inning for a different point of view. It was really fun. The game was close too which made it fun.

The next day, we went and played some catch since Travis and Adam used to play baseball together and Ally still plays softball. We also wanted to check out a local college's campus so we ended up at Concordia University's field. It was fun.

This is said college's view of Lake Michigan. Doesn't suck. This is really what the water looked like on Sunday.

We had a really chill weekend catching up. Glad that they could come to visit. Anyone else do something fun for the long weekend?

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Anonymous said...

Love that the little lemonade kids had so much business! Love that you had so much fun with your friends. The only thing I could think about with your $10 vouchers was if they had any gluten free food for you to eat. Can't wait to see you in 16 days. -katie