Sunday, September 1, 2013

Orchards and Flea Markets

This weekend was jammed packed because that's how we do in summertime Milwaukee. Poor Katie didn't know what to expect.

After sleeping in and doing some chores around our apartment on Saturday morning, we headed to one of my favorite beachfronts in the area. It was a really nice day so we just walked around with Jack and had a lot of fun.

(I wish this photo hadn't been so overexposed hence why the coloring now looks crazy.)

After the beach, we went to our local farmers market because I love. Since Katie moved in, we have cooked ALOT so we were on a hunt for a lot of fresh veggies for this weeks meal plan. We walked around getting items and checking off our list. We ended up getting our corn from this sweet old man who calls himself the singing farmer. When you buy corn from him, he sings a song to you. It was really sweet until I realized he was singing something like We'll be together again and he reminded me of my late grandpa who loved music. That's when this little trip to the farmer's market became really not fun. I started to tear up and then looked at Katie who saw me crying, so she started crying. So there we are crying in front of the singing farmer with everyone looking at us and us trying to explain our tears so maybe the man would stop this sweet but too close to home song. I seriously felt like we had been kicked in the gut after we left that vendor. We both wandered around for a couple minutes trying to remember what we still needed but both just wanted to go home and curl up in the fetal position. It kind of sucked. But after a few minutes, the market became fun again and we finished up our list.

1. My children of the corn 2. The early apple picker culprit 3. We got pears too! 4. Sometimes you have to look cute in an orchard.

Next up, we headed to a local orchard that was really cute. It had apples, pears, pumpkins, raspberries, and apple related items like cider and pies in their gift shop. I had never been to an orchard (or at least not that I can remember but maybe went in early grade school) and we had fun running up and down the aisles picking things. You were supposed to lightly twist the fruit and if it came off, it was ready to go. There were a couple times however, we won't say who (Adam)  just really wanted the certain fruit because of the color so he might have actually pulled it off the tree. Who knows if it will be good but it was really funny.

Surprisingly there was still time in day for us to finish it off with a small group cookout. It was a fun way to end the night.

On Sunday, Katie and I got up super early to go with another friend of ours to this awesome flea market. Our friend, Shantay, had been telling me about this particular flea market all summer long and this was the last one of the season so I decided we just had to go. It was so worth it. There were so many trinkets, collectibles, furniture, clothes, and crafts. It made me wish I had a house to fill up with all these awesome antiques but I still had so much fun bartering and getting really neat stuff. I spent $63 and got 2 christmas gifts, 1 wooden box that I can use as a shelf, 1 old cheese box I have wanted forever, and a zucchini (there was a fresh veggies vendor and we hadn't found it yesterday). I can't wait to go next year. We chilled the rest of the day and got ready for our week but overall we had a very jam packed and wonderful weekend.

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