Wednesday, September 25, 2013

My Papa

Life has be very busy and crazy the last few weeks. When we got home from vacation, I learned that my grandpa had passed away. I was really sad and poor Adam, who had never seen my emotions to that degree, didn't quite know what to do. I was really blessed however to be able to find a decent flight to get out to the east coast in order to see my family and go to the funeral together. It was a really sweet time. My grandpa had told my grandma a while back what tie he wanted to be buried in (a bright tie with smiley faces and "Jesus Loves You" all over it), the sweet poem he wanted in his program, and the last part that really made me tear up at the visitation, was the paper he wanted in his hand had the plan of salvation on it. My grandpa was faithful to the Lord even to the end. My family was so blessed to have him as our patriarch. He lived a full life and I have hope of seeing him when I join him in heaven.

I don't have the originals of any of these photos but managed to snap a few on my phone to be able to have for now.
 My grandpa had a real life fox and hound. How cool is that?

 This is my grandma and her sisters. In the top photo, she is the second from the left. In the bottom photo, she is all the way on the right. I wish I could wear all her cool clothes!

My grandma and grandpa were married for almost 68 years. What an awesome legacy.

Leighann already wrote a beautiful post about my grandpa and I don't feel like I would do it justice if I didn't at least link to it.

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Lauren Combs said...

This is precious... a beautiful life and now he's with Jesus starting from Chapter 1 again in eternity. Awesome!