Friday, June 7, 2013

Quality time

I am leaving this morning super early ;/ on a flight to see my family on the east coast. I am super pumped. It is going to be tiring because of how much I am trying to cram in 4 days but I am so excited. I don't know if it's the possibility of warmer weather or traveling in general but it's got me thinking about how much I want to accomplish this summer. So here are my top ten goals

1. Meet my nephew. My brother and his wife had their first child back in February but I have yet to meet him. Obviously excited over here. Get to see him on Monday night!

2. Catch up on my Bible reading. Remember when I said I was reading through the Bible in a year? Well, I am 40+ days behind (don't judge...) so.... I need to get back on that and am hoping to do better with my schedule this summer.

3. Get a perfect sun hat or fedora. This one is pretty self-explanatory but I just really want a hat for a some reason so it's on the list of things to look at this summer. Probably doesn't help that my job is to place images of Kohl's products. I just see stuff and it makes me want more... very bad habit but for now it's on the list.

4. Watch. Another materialistic thing but I've wanted a watch for about 2 years. I am just so particular that I haven't found one I like yet.

5. Go to at least one fruit festival. Wisconsin is a big producer of fruit: cranberries, strawberries, cherries, apples, you name it. There are so many different fields/orchards you can pick from and there are festivals that go along with the harvesting season for each particular fruit. I think it would be fun to go to one so it's on my list. I already know I'm missing the strawberry one but I'll have to try to make it another one. Gotta support the locals.

6. Water color paint. Back in January, I saw a watercolor postcard kit at a speciality paper goods store and really liked it. It looked fun and pretty. Well, Adam bought it for me the other day so I am excited to have a creative outlet and make pretty things.

7. Reconnect with friends and family.  I am excited because this summer if filled with so many trips and visit from loved ones. I cannot wait to have some good quality time starting this weekend! I know most trips will be short but it's better than nothing.

8. Finish Turbofire workout. I'm almost half way in this intense video workout system. I'm on week 9 of 20 and I think I will feel so accomplished if I finish it. I already feel better after doing it for 9 weeks so I'm excited to see how I feel as it goes on.

9. Find a job. My contract position at Kohl's technically ends the first few days of August so I'm looking to get into something more permanent. They might extend my contract but in general I think I want to be at a job longer term than 6 month contracts.

10. House School. Adam and I went to House School early this week aka helping and learning as we go helping some people from our church renovate their house. We really don't know anything about fixing up a house or even fixing much around the house so we are super excited (well I am at least, I actually don't know how he feels about it) to learn as much as we can from this couple. We are going to help renovate a kitchen, build deck stairs, and fix something in a garage (I don't remember what exactly).

So that's it for now. I'll keep you updated as the summer goes on. For now, I gotta board my plane.

Oh and it's my friend Jenelle's birthday today. So shout out to her. I get to see her next weekend so I am super pumped!


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Thanks for the bday shout out!! See you sooon!!