Thursday, June 13, 2013

Family Visit photo dump

I got to visit my family this past weekend and it was so much fun! It was a crazy four days but I am so glad I got to go. Adam didn't get to go with me so I was a little sad but in reality he would have been sooooooo bored that it ended up being a good thing.

I landed in Washington D.C. and got picked up by Dad. We went to a lovely lunch and had a wonderful time talking. It was really fun. I think I'm at the point in my life that doing things with my parents are pleasant and enjoyable.

My dad dropped me off at home for me to get in Katie's car with Katie, Amy, and Chrissy to head up to NY to see my grandparents. I haven't seen my maternal grandparents for over 3 1/2 years which is pretty sad. They are getting older so I was glad that I got to see them. I think it was pretty overwhelming for them to have four of us up there at the same time but it still was a good visit. We had a load of fun on the way up and back.

We took the back way up and back and went by this old antique store that our mom used to stop at frequently. It was really fun to stop for old time's sake. 

 My sisters are very funny.

 We made it just a day trip so we could get back on Saturday night. Sunday we went to church and then had a relaxing day having lunch, hanging out, picking flowers, and taking a walk. Like I said, very relaxing.

Katie's dog baby, jack
Then I got to meet Liam!!! He is 3 months old today. So cute and look at those thighs! He's definitely doing well in the health department. He is a cutie and he even smiled at me. So cute. I also already completed one of my summer goals ;)

The rest of the weekend was spent playing and talking with everyone. There were so many little kids running around that wanted to be pushed on the tire swing and helped on and off of the trampoline. My mom really does have the best yard for little kids. She had a merry-go round, bouncing horse (like one you would see at the park), trampoline, basketball hoop, and so many trees to climb. It's awesome!

Here are all the kiddos minus J.J (Chrissy and Buck's son) and Liam (John and Jess's son).

I just had to share the rest of these photos because they are cute. Ryan made a friend with Uncle Kenny when Uncle Kenny let him eat his whip cream off his strawberry shortcake. When it was all out, Ryan would say, "We need more of dis" and walk up to Aunt Johanna to ask for more. He might have done that several times before we cut him off but oh boy, did he have fun.

 I played with these two the most this weekend because they were the youngest and didn't always get to play with the big kids. They are cute.

I made a friend with Muriel when she saw that I still had some ice cream left. She is really funny, very outgoing, and has such a cute voice. Little kid voices melt my heart every time.

I had such a good time reconnecting with family that it was hard to leave. I was very sad that we live far apart but this is where we are now. It's hard to remember that I like being here in the Midwest too in the moment when I get sad and think that my family gets to hang out all the time when I'm not with them (this isn't true-- we all live in separate places). I am excited though that I will see some of them before Thanksgiving ;) Whoot Whoot to quality time with people you love.

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