Thursday, June 20, 2013

Lauren's Wedding

I have been traveling every three days for the past 2 weeks so I have reconnected with several people and have several things to yet blog about. One of those things is that one of my dear friends from college got married over the weekend. She was such a beautiful bride and it was so fun to see everyone who could make it. I was in North Carolina for less than 24 hours but every minute was worth the early morning flights and time away from home.

My iphone doesn't do justice to how beautiful she looks so I borrowed a photo from her facebook from her photographers at Project: Life Photography. She looked so good!

Now onto my less than glamorous iphone photos.

 They got married under this amazing tree. It was gorgeous and most of the people were under it's shade (sorry James, who sat in the sun for the ceremony and the reception). The weather was in the 70's and felt glorious for the ceremony.

Before the ceremony, we got to grab these adorable lemonades and drink them before/during the ceremony. 

 Their ceremony was so God-centered and honoring which was so refreshing after being to our share of weddings where God isn't a part of the ceremony or only casually mentioned.
 Tyler and Lauren have known each other for a while but started dated almost 3 years ago and have been long distance for most of that time. Having my share of long distance, I am so happy that they will finally get to be together.

 So good to spend time with these girls! (Liz and Katelyn)

 First Dance
 Jenelle, me , Lauren, Katelyn, Taylor, and Kate. Had so much fun talking and laughing with these girlies over the weekend.

We decided that at least one of our friends needs to get married a year to keep our mini reunions up. Kate volunteered as tribute for 2 years from now haha She is so witty!


Marie-Claire said...

lol to katelyn squatting down.

Just Liz. said...

Loved seeing your face!! DOT JOTS! lololol <3