Sunday, June 27, 2010


This is what I'm doing this summer... other than my job, of course.

1. Watching the baby horses grow.....

2. Looking at nature while waiting for a tour of Mammoth cave.

3. Watching a lot of baseball....

4. Making cinnamon rolls from scratch for our friends and
then telling them we didn't when they found a pan of them on their doorstep.

4. Jamming to tunes with Marie in our sweet shades.
5. Watching movies and lots of TV ( I don't have any pictures of this of course....)
6. Wishing I was at the beach instead of the middle of Kentucky when it's this stinkin hot.
7. Cooking or trying to learn :)
8. Trying to find God in the everyday life.
9. Meeting people from the community and trying to learn from them.
10. Going to friends' concerts.
11. Getting excited for the last year of college.


Leighann said...

can you make us some cinnamon rolls when you come home?

Evan Duszynski said...

I knew it was you jokers! I knew it!

Michelle: said...

sounds like a blast! :o)

Anonymous said...

YAY!!!! you finally posted! as i was navigating to your blog i was thinking how i was going to post on facebook that it is unacceptable to have not blogged in so long... but then, to what should my wondering eyes appear??? dj's blog! i'm so excited. you made my day. i LOOOOOOVE the baby horses! and the nature shot :) can't wait to see you soon! love you,

Katelyn said...

We might be getting a new kitten at our house in the next week or so. If we do, you should come over and play with her!