Sunday, October 31, 2010


I know, I know.... I should have blogged about these pictures a very long time ago. These are from the last few days of the Alltech World Equestrian Games.

This was the president of the company's new golf cart.

Shout out to Abby who use to work at Alltech. She is my small group leader and happen to make this sign for some people at Alltech years ago. I found it still on one person's desk :)

I was sent to headquarters to get 5 boxes of U.S.A and France flags (the next World Equestrian Games will be in Normandy so there was a little celebration on the last day). This is how my car looked after man-handling them into the car.
My driving skills got a whole lot worse. I could only see out my window mirror.

I just thought this was an interesting door. It was really beautiful in person.

Q & A with little kids in the last few weeks

me: what's your favorite animal?
little boy: My favorite animal in real life is turtles but really my favorite animal is dragons.

me: What's your favorite color?
little girl: the rainbow plus turquoise. Is pink in the rainbow?
me: no.
l.g.: Oh then plus pink too.

At the local elementary school on the day we had a tornado warning
little boy: the wind is blowing so hard that so-and so just fell over haha
(me: really? I don't think that's very funny.... )


Leighann said...

if you are with alltech during the next games do you get to go to normandy?

Anonymous said...

you are so pretty in that picture. also, the dragons comment is hilarious. i want that little kid!