Friday, October 1, 2010

Kids do the darnest things

These are outside of the Alltech Experience.

The following conversation was overheard by my boss on the walkie talkies.

(sssskh) We've got kids climbing on the molecules (click)
(ssskh) What was that? (click)
(ssskh) Kids are climbing up the molecules (click)
(ssskh) You gotta get them off (click)
(ssskh) Yeah, we've got a molecule leaning. It wasn't leaning before but it's definitely leaning now (click)
(ssskh) Get them off! (click)
(ssskh) Can someone help him? (click)
(ssskh) Someone has got to make a sign (click)

Kids under 12 can get free general admissions with a paying adult. So our PR team has been calling schools and getting them to come by the bus full. We've probably had 15,ooo kids this week. It's crazy but now they don't climb the molecules :)


Katelyn said...

i definitely just laughed out loud. thank you.

Leighann said...

Sorry I'm late to the party.Love this conversation.