Thursday, September 30, 2010

Some more of the Games

Hi all, I have some more pictures from my phone and from my regular camera.

This is the main stadium where opening and closing ceremonies, dressage, and jumping have been or will be held. This is actually the temporary seating that was added for the games that was image wrapped (it's what it sounds like, an image printed on canvas that wraps the object) It looks awesome!!
Pretty cute, huh?
This is the entrance to the Alltech Pavilion :)

The company is a animal health nutrition company so they do a lot of research hence the DNA like molecule.

A local aquarium that brings the penguin, baby alligator, and petting shark drives this sweet car.

These horses are everywhere around Lexington. They have been done before but were done this year for the Games. The next few are some that are in Alltech's area. This one is for that aquarium.

This horse is amazing. It's a "Where the Wild Things Are" horse and done so well!

This horse is equally amazing. It's entirely out of little, itty-bitty shells. Can you imagine how much time that took?

It even has a saddle.

I was pleasantly surprised to walk into our portable bathroom trailer to find this. There is music playing and pictures on the wall. It actual makes me excited to use it every time :) (weird thought, I know, but don't hate)

This is the cute little puffer fish in the tank in the aquarium section of our pavilion

Look what I found! A generator that was there for the Vancouver Olympics :)

Would I still have friends if I wore these glasses? haha

Have a wonderful Thursday!!!


Kate said...

In response to your last question, YES!

Dot said...

haha Thanks Kate :)