Thursday, December 31, 2009

H-town knows where it's at

During the Blizzard of '09, some people got creative and graffitied the snow ;)

Also here are some promised pictures from the lights down in City Park.

Oh and my lovely roommate made it on to our family tree :) (this ornament was from freshman year. Marie was going to throw it away but I said I would take it).

Happy New Year! I hope you guys had a wonderful year and are looking forward to the new one.


Kate said...

Wow, that snow graffiti is awesome! What a cool idea!

BTW, did you get my email about your book not working at Lulu?

I remember those ornaments!

Marie-Claire said...

Wow. I feel awesome. I totally forgot about those ornaments till you reminded me. I need a picture of you to put on my tree :)

amy said...

love the paint - some one is an awesome artist - too bad, it's just gonna melt and then contaminate the water system....glad you got a pic while it lasted=-)