Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Old Fashion Christmas

Wilmore Old Fashion Christmas might be my favorite event that this small little town puts on... well actually it's the only event they put on but that's another story. Every year on the first Saturday in December, Wilmore closes Main street from 5:30 ish - 8 and everyone watches the tree be lit, walks the streets, and stops in all the little shops to receive Christmas treats. I actually have never seen the tree be lit but I'm sure that it's cool. It's a really fun social event because so many different people come: people from the community, seminary, and both past and present college students and faculty. We actually went later this year so I didn't get a chance to get hot chocolate from Sims Drugs Store, which was sad but I still got to see lots of people and then sing carols in the Methodist Church. All-in-all it was pretty fun.

A lot of the girlies and my small group leader :)

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Leighann said...

I am glad to see you put up another post. I like last month when you posted every day. you thinking of doing that again anytime soon?

oh, and i love the old fashioned Christmas. Sounds like a lot of fun and dang you look cute in your scarf and hat!

love ya.