Wednesday, January 13, 2010

7 quick takes

1. First post of the new year. This year has already been adventurous and makes me excited for the rest of it.

2. Last week, I spent the night in a different bed/state each night (Sun-Fri). Some of those beds were comfortable and some were not but I had so much fun visiting family and friends across the North and Midwest. I went to 8 different states in 6 days. Fun times.

3. My roommate has joined me again this semester so I am super happy. We even bought a male beta fish and named him Toby. We both love him a lot more than we thought it was possible to love a fish.

so much love. In fact, I can hear Marie talking to Toby right now.

This picture is just to show how flourescent he is. He's just that cool.

4. I went running today near sunset and it was so peaceful. I saw random llamas and a blue heron and the sky was gorgeous for at least ten minutes. The only thing I regret is running for so long. I am sore already. But I have to maintain the schedule because 3 friends and I might run a half-marathon in the Kentucky horse parks at the end of March.

5. I start working at the Olympics in T-minus 28 days. We have meetings,handbooks, and release forms coming out of our ears but it's really exciting. I like so many of the people going with me.

6. I'm only blogging right now because my family is bugging me about it haha but I love you all.

7. I have 6.5 hrs of class on M/W and 3 on F but I have no classes on T/TH so it works out. Because of the Olympics, we have to take all media classes and they are super long to make up the time we are gone. Also it's hard to make your schedule work with the weird times and work loads. I was stressing earlier about it but it's all good now.


Anonymous said...

i was not expecting a blog when i came to your site but here it is!!!! yay!!!!!! congrats again on the olympics too. that's so awesome. and i'm happy for you and marie that you have toby now. he looks very cute and happy in his bowl.
love you katie

Kate said...

I am excited to have a blog from you as well!

3. Tooobyyy

4. I am so psyched for you girls! You are already working so hard! Did you know the last race I ever ran was at the Kentucky horse park? I didn't know that's where the half was! It's a beeeautiful course. You will love it. So much of it is in shade, too, and the paths are wide. It's wonderful!

5. I will miss you when you're gone!

7. Glad you're feeling better about your class load this semester. Wish we had a class together!

Leighann said...

i'm so glad you posted! i've been looking for an update. heard you had a good weekend.:)

Anonymous said...

It was good to see you last week.

Your friends seemed pretty cool...How did you do that? Oh yeah you got away from us. ha ha ha

I love you