Saturday, December 19, 2009

7 quick takes

1. This has been the week of spontaneity. Fake tattoos, dance parties, snl clips, and singing parties. To complete this week of impulsiveness, 6 of us went to Hamburg on Thursday when we were all done with everything. It was awesome. We even stopped at Steak n Shake on a whim because it was "Happy Hour" so shakes were half off. So we all got huge shakes even though we didn't need it just because it was half off. We then drove over to all the shops and stayed in the car to belt out Mariah Carey's "Always be my baby" because it came on my ipod. Then we went shopping and all bought "Happy Halloween 2009" shirts from Old Navy for 47 cents. I mean who doesn't want a matching Happy Halloween shirt at Christmas time?

2. Our last night at Asbury was filled with watching "Spring Break Shark Attack." A t.v. movie that Marie and Taylor had ordered online freshman year. This movie really lives up to it's tag line of " This year, spring break really bites" with fake sharks, blood, and harpoon wounds. Us girls try to watch it at the end of each semester so this year we watched it with the boys and they loved it. Haha it was so funny. I don't think there was hardly a time when we were actually watching the movie and not adding our two cents.

3. Past midnight runs to Mcdonalds simply because we're thirsty and can are the best.

4. I might have drank too much of my soda on the way home and not had anywhere to stop for an uncomfortably long time. Then I might have gotten confused and took the wrong interstate 70 exit and ended up in PA. But hey I went through 4 states (not 3) yesterday, how many did you go through?

5. I was hungry last night so my mom and I ordered pizza. On the way to go get it we went by City Park and it was awesome. I've never noticed that they put up lighted objects like skating bears, firetrucks, and Christmas trees right on the pond. It looks so cool especially with the reflection off the water. I'll take pictures when the the foot of snow we're getting right now melts.

6. Last night, a certain sister of mine was borrowing my dress for a wedding and needed a sweater to go with it. So we went to a friend's house, who lives in a nearby neighborhood. We were quietly catching up on life on the front porch for a while texting the girl inside because her parents were already asleep. I already thought we looked ridiculous whispering in the dark while it was snowing and wondering why it was taking the girl so long. I mean we were on her porch for 15 minutes. Then a strange car pulled up and these people walked up to us and asked who we were. They didn't know us and we didn't know them (never a good sign). "Um, I think you have the wrong house," the lady tells us. (yeah well I think you have the wrong house is what I wanted to say back but am so glad I didn't). " Who are you looking for?" she asks and when we told her she points to the house next door. Wow wow wow, how embarrassing. The girl we were looking for was right there by the door waiting for us. Haha good one.

7. It's so good to be home. We were all laughing, eating pizza, and talking last night. Then my brother and I played music,sang, and then talked until 4 am. So fun. And today we have a SNOW DAY. I love it.

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