Thursday, December 10, 2009

7 quick take Thursday

1. My hall is blowing up balloons for each final we have and then we get to pop them when that final is over. It's really fun and just makes our hall look that much better

Apparently my suitemates have a lot of finals. Sorry that everything is backwards but you get the idea.

2. Two of my fellow workers at the Luce Center decided to give my number to the creepy pool guy as a practical joke. He runs a massage business on the side so they told him that I wanted a massage. This was all unknown to me so it was really awkward when he called me the next day.

3. When it's cold outside, Marie always compares our weather conditions to the weather conditions of Yellow Knife, Canada. Then it doesn't seem too bad. Today it was 21 degrees with a wind chill of 8. Yellow Knife was -27. I'm okay with 21 degrees.

1st pic- I don't know if You can see the temperature but it says about -37. That sucks... just sayin
2nd picture- bizarre crash that supposedly happened in Yellow knife.
3rd picture- the only reason I would want to go to Yellow Knife, ever. No, not because of the teepees but because of the Northen Lights. They look awesome.

4. Lots of freshman girls swoon over all the athletic boys. They stalk them, look good whenever they go to the Luce, check c-po multiple times a day, and eat certain foods in the caf so that they can be behind a certain guy in line. Believe me I know... I was one of those girls. Anyways the point is I have a solution for them. They should just work at the Luce where the boys come and talk to you instead of you having to come up with something retarded to say to them. Haha one of the many benefits of working at the Luce.

5. I had the potential to go to 3 Christmas parties tonight... I've already been to 2 this week and have another one on Saturday. I'm not mad. I love Christmas and all that goes along with it. Tonight we're having a formal Christmas party at Holland's apartment. Should be fun. I'm going to wear a dress that Katelyn got for me at target for $21 :)

6. The Luce has been insane this week. I've been yelled at by an angry customer, asked out, had my number given out, and found the creepy mannequin in the laundry hamper. Little boys have thrown up, toliets have overflowed, thought an old man was an old woman, and realized a lady was charged too much for a membership and had to run after her to make her aware of this.

7. Last day of classes tomorrow... but I'm skipping Chapel, my 11'clock was moved to 3 because our Spanish class is meeting at a Spanish restaurant to practice ... you guessed it... Spanish, and I don't have to go to my 2'clock. So really tomorrow is going to be awesome because I got nothing!


hamesworth said...

the balloon idea sounds so awesome. Good thinking over there.

Anonymous said...

yeah!!! this made me happy! love you chica!