Thursday, June 25, 2009


So I might have undressed the male mannequin above the registers today to get the last pair of 30's in the plaid shorts.
I might have forgotten to dress him after the man bought those shorts.
The male mannequin might have been "naked" for a couple of hours until I told another co-worker about it.
The other co-worker might have bursted out in laughter and told me I was suppose to re-dress it after I had stripped it's shorts off.
So I might have gone up to my manager and pointed out the naked mannequin and asked if she wanted me to dress it.
But I did not own up to the "undressing" and forgetting to dress it even when she exclaimed in shocked outburts as to "who did this?" Because it's not important as to who might or might not have done this accidental deed, the only important thing was that I was going to fix it.
And that's what I did.


hamesworth said...

You would. you should keep doing it everyday just to get a good reaction from you manager. haha

Kate said...

Bahaha, awesome.