Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I know where I live... I think.

So the cheapest gas station around requires the zip code of your billing address when you use a credit card. So I typed in 17201 and was told to "See the Cashier".
Yeah right, I know my own zip code. I'm just going to wait until they cancel the sale.

Round 2
Oh yeah Maryland's zip code starts with a "2".
217... I typed it wrong so I had to cancel the sale.

wait for it...

Round 3
maybe it's 21470?
Nope, "See the Cashier"

by this point I was laughing out loud and the guy next me was wondering if I was crazy.

Round 4
I got in my car and found some Maryland addresses in my purse used to fill out those millions of applications since being here in St. Augie Dog
Oh yeah 21740. The same zip code I've had for the last 19 yrs of my life. Well besides 40390, 32086, and the others I've been using to write letters and applications- 30064, 20036, 56701, 17201,40383, 28173. You get the point.

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hamesworth said...

That is an incredible story. How did you get my baby picture?