Thursday, June 11, 2009

I'm not gonna lie...

I'm mad at you Target for getting my hopes up with a super cute swimming suit and then canceling my order because you no longer had the top part of the suit when I already bought the bottoms....
And while I'm at it, I'm mad at Kohl's for only having the bottoms to a swimming suit I like but not the tops--- really? how do you run out of one of the two pieces?

Also I got lost in blogger land and found some really cute/cool blogs

Rockstar Diaries
(she and her husband now live in D.C. and put up cute pics and reviews)

Team Boo ( random family with cute posts)

Abuela Española (She just died but she was 97 and still blogging in Español)

Fawn DeViney (she got engaged in a photo booth- sounds creative and she loves antiques and pictures)

St. Lewis (I found this guy last summer and he is hilarious and really good at drawing)

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Kate said...

Haha, I read The Rockstar Diaries every morning while I eat my cereal!