Tuesday, June 2, 2009

él robó el corazón

Adyn has been abnormally sweet to me the last couple of days.

Yesterday he shared one of his jellybeans with me even though he really likes them.
He randomly turns to me in the van and says, "Even though I love you Aunt DJ, I'm going to share my jellybean with you." The jelly bean was bit in half but I couldn't have been happier. Of course I ate it. Was that even a question?

Later Dean told the boys that the best two things that happen in his life was their mama and them. Adyn says," Well Dada ya know what the best two things in my life are? You and Mama... and Aunt DJ... and Kael. (Amy's still working on numbers with him). Hey I made it in the list though.
So he walked out of his parents room and said," Aunt DJ, I love you." and gave me a kiss. I don't think he's giving me one kiss since I've been down here. It was so cute.

It feels good to be loved.


hamesworth said...

Have you looked up the song love by parachute yet? Your last sentence made me think of it. You'll like it.

Kate said...

Deej, that is so cute!

I love you!

And I will kiss you when I see you!