Monday, October 8, 2012

Wreath and Weekend Recap

Okay so when I said I wasn't totally sold on my wreath, what I meant was I hated it but didn't know what to do about it. I had seen my friend's, Abby, wreath 2 years ago and remember I liked it but didn't remember what it looked like. So... when I got stuck on my wreath I just gave up... That didn't stop me from putting that thing on my door though... All. Week.

I revamped it on Friday and like it so much better. I would say however that wreath making is not a skill of mine. We'll see if I can get better at this in the future.

 new wreath.

My weekend also included

painting in Abby's new house.

First Bridal Shower. These lovely ladies and Abby hosted a shower for me on Saturday. Hopefully I'll have more pictures tomorrow to show you that. It was awesome. They did such a good job.

Wedding crafts. I was back at it this weekend- making wool billy balls, chalkboard labels, and designing more print materials for the wedding.

Did you have any fun or random weekend plans?


Leighann said...

sounds like fun! like the new wreath. we had friends in. there was a lot of playing, some museum-going, lots of eating, and a few movies.

Anonymous said...

Love the wreath! My weekend plans included yoga & homework & hanging out with Jack & Bobby!