Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Katelyn got MURRIED!

This past weekend was my friend's, Katelyn, wedding so I flew to Georgia for all the festivities. It was so good to see everyone! Seeing Pitch Perfect, eating good food, and good hangout times filled up my weekend.

 Bridal Luncheon with the bride-to-be

The bridesmaids from Asbury with the bride: Taylor, Katelyn, Marie-Claire, and Liz.

All the bridesmaids. Back row (l-r): Brandy (his sister), Elise (her sister), Katelyn, Taylor, Front row: Liz, MC, and Me.

Remember the show Arthur? Well my initials will be D.W. when I get married just like Arthur's sister ;)

 Rehearsal ;) with the flower girl, Rachel, joining the bridesmaids

Liz! It was so good to see her. I hadn't seen her since her wedding last August ;( She was my saving grace this weekend. We had so much fun!

So good to see these ladies! Jenelle, Kate and Taylor ;) I got to hang out with everyone so much. It was nice ;)

 I asked Adam if he wanted to hang out with this sexy lady. He did hehe

Asbury Bridesmaids! Whoot! Whoot!

Doesn't she look so good? I mean, she is beautiful on any given day but she looked awesome on Saturday!

 Look at that gorgeous veil.

Kate took this... seeing as I'm up front ;)
They lucked out with the weather. It was beautiful ;)

Whoot! Whoot! for marriage 

They were looking classy while....

we were trying to balance our bouquets... we're the best/worst bridesmaids, ever

 Kate looked so hot that day! Again, she always looks good but I loved her dress ;)

 Awesome cake ;)

 Groom's cake. He's a drummer 

Drinking an Ale-8, a Kentucky-made drink but it totes looks like a beer. Don't fire me yet, IWU hehe

My friend, Phil

So much friend time ;)

 Final Friend breakfast ;) can't wait till I see them next because that means I will be getting married ;) and I'll get to see them hehe


Anonymous said...

I love that your initials are going to be D.W.! ~ Now I have the theme song to Arthur stuck in my head...

You’re so beautiful! & it looks like you had lots of fun!


Leighann said...

I'm going to call you DW from now on. Looks like you had a fun weekend. Can't wait til your turn in a less than 2 months! What? Wait. When did that happen!?

Just Liz. said...

UM - My favorite picture is the one of all of us trying to balance our flowers on our hands. bahahahhaha iloveyouuuuu!!!

Marie-Claire said...

It's a good thing you texted all my pics to yourself lol. Glad I could help illustrate the blog.