Monday, October 1, 2012


I had a wonderful weekend with Adam. One of the nicest thing was that I didn't have to drive anywhere ;) (he drove everywhere hehe)

Friday, I had craft/movie night with my coworker, Kelly. You know you have good coworkers if you want to hang out with them after work. Anyways, more on that tomorrow.

The Ryder Cup was on this weekend so we had a lazy weekend which was perfect after my intense week at work. We watched that Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon. We also went golfing as well. I wish I would have remembered to take pictures of us because we were cute golfers. I was terrible but it was fun to do something he loves and is pretty good at. And it was fun just to do something together.

We went to Indy to meet some our friends, Kindra and Taylor, for dinner and a hang-out. It was so fun to hang out with them. I again wish I would have taken pictures... seeing a theme?

Today was church and and then lunch with more friends (Abby & Aaron and Jenna & Nate). Gosh, guess what? I didn't take a picture of this either but we had so fun. It's fun to have friends. Then it was nap time to the sound of golf announcers. Adam had to leave around 5 in order to leave his car in the suburbs and catch the train back downtown. It was nice though because I had time to grocery shop and get errands done and get ready for another intense week at work. Homecoming is this weekend and apparently no one uses a calendar or is a Type A personality. Eh, oh well.

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