Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Recent Reading

On Wednesday when I realized that I would be in an airplane for a combined 3 hours without anything to do, I started looking around my house for some books to read. I wanted to read Black, Red, White by Ted Dekker but I had already sent my copies with Adam (for the upcoming move). Any of the Harry Potter books would have been splendid but I don't own them and didn't think to get them at the library. So what did I read, you may ask?

I had picked this book up a couple months ago on a whim at a bookstore. I had seen it and thought it was well-designed and would help me understand what Adam talks about half of the time.  I felt so smart pulling this out seeing as I'm not in school anymore and could just have read Harry Potter again. It was thought provoking and very informational. I mean, I liked it but only got halfway through because I couldn't process all the information all at once.

Anyways, I tried to casually bring up some of the subjects I had learned about in last night's conversation with Adam.

Me trying my best to be nonchalant: So do you think America has a steady-state economy?
Adam saw right through me. We laughed at me trying to be coy with my newfound knowledge for a very long time after we talked about the economy for a while ;)


Anonymous said...

This post made me laugh out loud. And, then share with my classmates who courteously laughed but I doubt thought it was as funny as I did. You are adorable! I love how you’re trying to have interest in Adam’s stuff. I think it makes a difference when couples do stuff like that. Love you, katie

Leighann said...

Love it!