Friday, February 17, 2012

Pinterest Party

I'm joining the Pinterest Party through my sister's blog. She would have a snazzy button if I had made it this week. Sorry sister. Anyways, we're trying to make a craft/or something off Pinterest each week.

Here's what I did this week.
Cute framed calendars that I decided to hang on my wall. Here is the super easy tutorial. Seriously, the hardest thing for me was picking out the right paper. (I used birthday bash by imaginisce) and frames from Target ($2.99 a piece).

Sorry about the quality of photos but it really does make my kitchen a little cuter. I really like them. I'm just going to switch out the months from each frame when it's time.

In other related news, I broke my binds because I was stubborn and frustrated and pulled on the actual blind to try and get it to come down. #goodone.

Well, hope you guys have a great weekend. I'm hoping to relax, get some stuff done and go see Adam at his curling match that is 2.5 hrs away from my house on Saturday. Should be interesting.

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