Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I'm addicted to

New Rihanna Songs
You da one, Take Care, etc.
Mad Props to her lately

like this one

No Flu For You! Contagion Social Action Campaign Infographic” width=Via:

I love the banter and the desire to keep reading because it's creative. I wish some of my clients at work or for personal work would let me do this for them. If you need any creative spark or just a good laugh, check out more of Column Five's work here

Feta Cheese
Love it on salad, spaghetti, a new recipe here that I want to try, sandwiches, anything and everything.

Okay this one is a stretch but I'd like to be addicted to travel and seeing new places. The reality is I have gone out of town the last three weeks but those trips were to buy a car in Detroit, go to KY to be with two friends that got engaged in one weekend, and last weekend was to Milwaukee because I wanted to.
I want to see a majority of the states and all the National Parks. Just gotta do it one day despite the gas prices.

Modern Family

Love this show. It's hilarious and highly addictive. Gotta get the second season at the Library

Valentine's Day ideas
This is just an obsessive thing for no purpose since I live alone and not near Adam but hey one day, I'm going to be that crazy mom who makes heart shaped food and sends Valentines in my kids lunch boxes. Or what about Raspberry S'mores? That sounds awesome!


Anonymous said...

I am addicted to milky way candy bars and any type of carbonated beverage. This has been going on for about 3-4ish months. I have no idea how I am not as big as a house by now.

Also, I am addicted to Jack. This one is obviously self-explanatory. I took him to our class get-together at my friend's house the other night and a bunch of the girls were slightly embarrassed to tell me that they thought Jack was my husband from how I talk about him and were surprised to find out he is the dog. haha. They also fell in love with him. He did not eat batman, the friend's pet bunny... a story too long for this forum that I CANNOT wait to tell you.

I also thought the flu thing was cute. I love it when people do creative things like that.

I am also addicted to feta. and allergic to it. So go ahead and feel bad for me. Feta is the one cheese I consistently break my dairy-free diet for though so I guess you don't have to feel THAT bad.

Check out my pinterest bored on crafts for a really cute valentine's day card idea. I was going to make it for bobby over the break but V-day was so far away and I figured I'd have time in the weeks leading up. Ah, rose-colored glasses me. I completely blocked out the memory of how crazy school is and alas, I've had no time to make them. Too bad because they're cute little scratch off cards.

Leighann said...

I'm addicted to sleep! Kidding. I just am waiting for the day when I can get 8 hrs per night. Sleep now before you have kids. :) The raspberry s'mores look really good!