Friday, February 3, 2012

Photo Updates.

This blog is pretty scattered but I thought you might appreciate it versus no blog at all.

1. This laptop has been both a blessing and a curse. It was originally ordered when I started working 2 months ago (Can you believe that I've been at this job that long? I can't lol) but was on backorder because of Christmas. It took forever to come in and then it seems forever for IT to actually give it to me. Then today has been a graphic designer's nightmare. IT sent a guy over to transfer files from my old computer to my laptop and get my laptop synced with my mouse, monitor, and wireless keyboard. This took 2 hours. I couldn't work on any of my projects while this was happening. Then they left and I had to print off 2 projects that are on a tight deadline for my bosses to proofread them. IT hadn't synced my computer up with any of my printers. There are a lot of printers on campus so it's kind of confusing when trying to do this.
So I got on the phone.

35 minutes later, it still didn't work but the guy said he would call me back in 20 minutes.
3 hours later, I called them and got to talk to another IT guy.
45 minutes later and a short nap on the phone while the guy silently tried to fix my computer remotely, my computer still wouldn't print. Hopefully, they can fix it tomorrow. You don't realize how much you rely on technology you don't understand until it doesn't work.

2. In other news, advertisers get me.

3. Pretty self-explanatory but in case you can't tell sometimes you don't have a bobby pin and just have to use whatever office supplies you have around to help your bangs out.

4. It's kind of last minute but I've decided to go visit Adam this weekend and I can't wait. We are keeping up seeing each other every 2 weeks after all. Loving it!

Anybody have Superbowl Plans? I'm excited to just eat food and hang out with Adam's friends for at least the first half before I come home.


Leighann said...

very cute bobby pin. seriously. and yay for visiting adam. have fun. drive safely.

Anonymous said...

haha love the bobby pin! sorry you were on the phone so long... I know how that goes haha Love the commercials advertisers get me too. Have fun with Adam! Glad you blogged.