Tuesday, March 16, 2010

all of us on the trip plus Marie's sweet grandma. She had us over for brownies ;)

The background noise right now as I write this little post is honking horns, yelling college age kids, and loud yet distant music. Yep, I'm at one of the most popular beaches for spring break.
After 5 nights at 5 different places, we finally made it to the beach. On the way down we stayed at 3 friends' houses and I got to meet their families and understand them a little bit better. On Sunday, we went four-wheeling and chased cows and chickens. It was a blast.
Now here, our funny stories multiply every time we use the elevator. We saw a drunk girl stumble out of a truck bed (she's fine but no one seemed to care that she did that), I almost got hit by an ambulance (you would think I would hear it coming), Marie got an elevator full of people to break out in the C-A-T-S cheer (and they continued the cheer while we got off and they went back up), a drunk guy told my friend she looked like his ex girlfriend who cheated on him with a girl (really? that's the first thing that comes to your mind to tell a stranger?), and 2 of our guy friends from school hitchhiked all the way here. If we think we have crazy stories, we ain't seen nothing yet compared to their stories. We're letting them stay the night, get showers, and eat some food before they are going on to wherever their little hearts desire (or wherever people will take them). It's hilarious.
We are also competing with our friends who are in Key West to see who has the best spring break. We're each making videos and posting them so our other friends, who aren't with either of us, can judge them and award fun points. You can see our 2 videos at these links. The first one is of the town where Kateyln and Marie live (Holland is one of our friends in Key West, hence why he gets a shout out). We were there Friday- Sunday morning. The second one is where Taylor lives (I don't know why but I have a country accent in this one). We were there Sunday night-Monday afternoon.
All in all we're having a lot of fun.


Michelle: said...

DJ! haha the videos are too funny! So glad you guys are having a blast! As for the guys who have hitchhiked their way to wherever their lil hearts desire I have to say that "you cannot be old & wise if you were never young & crazy!" fun times! :o) Enjoy the rest of your spring break!

Anonymous said...

You all are crazy!! Glad you are having fun. You are only young once then you get old and boring. Enjoy the rest of spring break!


Leighann said...

Um, I'm not sure if you know, but today is April 2.... it's been over 2 weeks since your last post. Just sayin'

Katelyn said...

bloggy blog blog. blog blooooog. (this is me encouraging you to blog again.) :)

Anonymous said...

i'm still waiting.......................................................................................................... come on deej. you can do it. just let us know some little tidbit... please?