Sunday, April 11, 2010

Wait, don't go....

I thought before you gave up checking my blog everyday, I would tempt you to stay with a quick list. There has just been too many random things to be able to write a consistent post.

1. The reason why I haven't been blogging regularly is because I am in the class that plans Highbridge Film Festival. It is... well you guesse
d it, a film festival that has our own university students' fil
ms and even one high school student's film (who wins some scholarship... but hey that's not important.) The point is that this is a big deal event that 1500+ people come to. We fly in judges from L.A., have a red carpet, everyone gets dressed up, and then a reception with fun music and food follows. So needless to say, I'm super busy with all the work for that class since the event is less than 2 weeks away. (

2. I just got major side bangs and I really like them so I thou
ght I would share a picture with those of you, who haven't seen them yet.

3. I went to a Reds/Cubs game on Friday with the boyfriend and had a blast. Unfortunately, I don't know anything about baseball (I mean I know the rules but not all of the specifics) while my baseball-loving boyfriend even keeps score at the game, which is kind of confusing to explain but just know he does it..... The game was really exciting at the end when the Cubs, who had been up 3-1, let the Reds get a grand slam in the bottom of the 8th. Then the Cubs got one run in the 9th and had the bases loaded with 2 outs. Everyone was out of their seats cheering on their respective teams. It was so exciting. The Cubs ended up getting a third out but it was really fun.

4. Yesterday was fun because the weather was beautiful and I really got to enjoy it. I went on a nice long run, watched a movie outside with a lot of the campus, and then had a bonfire with friends. Our university showed the movie Jurassic Park on the Green (large "green" space in between all the classroom buildings that a lot of people hang out on. They do stuff such as play frisabee or lay on a blanket and read.) It was our version of a drive-in movie and was so fun. A couple of us sat together on our little blankets and cuddling close when it got cold or when we were scared. There were some parts in that movie that I did not remember happening. I screamed so loudly.

5. I have a problem of falling asleep before my roommate does. This is a problem because we are usually talking as we fall asleep and so I fall asleep during the middle of our conversation. The other night, I asked my roommate a question and proceeded to fall asleep during her 4 second answer... sorry Marie.

6. We just had a game of whiffle ball on the grass between the apartments/dorms. It was fun especially since more and more people joined as the game went on.

7. I have to go because I have 10 sketches for graphic design II due tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

i was about to give up on your blog. i said to myself "self, i will check this blog one last time and then that's it, i'm not checking it again." ha ha, i bet i would've checked tomorrow anyway... but, i'm still glad you posted. do you have a film in that festival or are you just helping to put it on? glad you had fun at the game and i can totally relate to knowing a little about baseball and being with someone who knows everything about it. i just develop little crushes on players to help me get through the millions of games i have to watch. :)
glad you're back,

Michelle: said...

hey!!! welcome back! love reading your posts! I remember those days when we watched movies on the green back when I was in college I know it was recently like 2 years ago but it feels like so long ago ha. Love your side bangs, it suits you beautifully! :o) Glad you got to enjoy the Cubs game! :o)

Leighann said...

Yeah!!! I love all the tidbits. Love the bangs. Glad you went to a baseball game. Love the screen on the green thing (that's what they call it in DC). I forget Jaurasic Park and probably don't want to see it if you screamed. Henry always falls asleep before me. I hate it and it's so boring being the last one awake. I feel for Marie.
Love you. Glad you updated us. Have fun(?) with the film festival.