Tuesday, March 2, 2010

(this is how I have felt the last few days)

So my trip home was really long. I was going to be picked up at my hotel at 3am for the airport so I was told it was better not to sleep. So I didn't. I was so tired by the time 2:45a came and I was waiting in the lobby with my friend Vera. Well for some reason the shuttle that was suppose to pick me up to take me to the bus, never came. A nice hotel worker found out where the buses leave from and took me over there. The bummer was that he wasn't allowed into the parking lot (where the buses were) because he didn't have accreditation so I had to walk with all my stuff across the whole thing. I got to the buses and asked the drivers if they went to the airport and they said no. I had a little mental freakout and then borrowed their phone to find out I just had to walk a little more and I would get the right bus.
After finding the right bus, I fell asleep on the trip to Vancouver and woke up at the airport. It was 6 am by now. Got checked-in and then went through security and customs (even though I was still in Canada, it said "Welcome to the United States"). Short flight to Portland. I slept the whole way except for a quick glimpse of Mount Saint Helens (which was awesome). From Portland to Chi-town where I had a 4 hour lay-over that somehow felt a million years long. My phone didn't work so I couldn't call anyone. I did however make friends with a Canadian man who let me use his phone and gave me life advice. Then onward to Lexington.
I landed in Lexington and saw 2 Asburians I had seen in the Vancouver airport. We had all had different flights that all landed around the same time (kind of weird). Adam picked me up from the airport and helped me carry my bags :)
Then I got to see my friends and I talked to my roommate until 3 in the morning. I missed everyone so it was so good to see them.
The last two days have been a blur. I've been that girl who wears her Olympic coat because it's really warm and well just plain awesome. I've seen so many "you've been gone for so long and now are back" looks and been asked "How was it?" a billion times. How do you sum up 3 weeks that were so jam packed that it felt like years into one sentence because that's all people want to hear? It's hard but I'm getting good at it. It was a good experience is what I say because that's the easiest way to sum it up. I am really glad to be back though. I missed everyone and it's really fun to catch up and be friends again.


Leighann said...

Um, can I wear your Olympics coat?

Michelle said...

WOW! Adventurous! :o) I'm glad you had Adam to pick you up at the airport ;) I can understand the mental freak out with the whole shuttle thing but so awesome that you got to have this great learning experience! :o)

Anonymous said...

um... grouchy and hungry like a polar bear or just tired like the one in the picture? i hope you are not so grouchy or hungry.. :) what life advice did the canadian guy give you??? don't ask random men to use their phone? hee hee love you