Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Weekend of Rest

So thankful for that extra day off this weekend. It made it so we were able to do a lot and still get our rest in.

thankful for some helps from the rents ;)

We had Adam's parents over on Friday night to grill out and just chill in our neighborhood. They helped us plant some shade loving plants in the front and get our community grill ready for the summer season. It was really nice to take advantage of the warmer weather and be outside more.

we hung out on this patio quite a few times this weekend. Loving the lights and our table

Saturday, Adam and I had a chill morning, sleeping in and getting some more flowers that can handle the shade. Adam then went golfing with his dad and I got to have a "dia de Dottie" by doing whatever I wanted. We had been running around crazy the last few weeks/months so it was so nice to just chill for a couple hours. Of course, I "planned" way too many things that I was going to get done while he was gone but I did get to read while being outside, plant those flowers we had bought in the morning and got some groceries for dinner and dessert for a church picnic the next day.

Pretend I took these pictures from the same angle but this was before I cleaned out the flower bed a couple weeks ago and then know after Adam's mom planted some plants and we got some flowers. Not too shabby!

Sunday, after church there was a church picnic that we went to by the lake. It was so nice to meet more people in an informal setting and eat some good food. Then I planted some inpatients in the front to finish it up and we had Adam's cousin's girlfriend over (his cousin was out of town) and her roommate. It was so nice to use the grill once again and get to know Valerie some more.

we found cute statement necklaces that happen to match, almost like grown up friendship necklaces but not as weird.

Monday, we finished it off with some more friend time. Adam went golfing (are we seeing a theme?) with some of his close friends in the area and I hung out with one of the girlfriends of the guys. Jenny and I decided that we want the guys to golf more often. We got a pedicure, went to lunch, and walked around the mall while they had fun sweating in the sun. Here's to hoping we have more weekends like this ;)